About Light on Healing

Light on Healing Yoga

Welcome to Light on Healing Yoga.

Yoga Therapy services with YogaNurse® Terry de la Vega, NP, CYN.

Individualized health and wellness care across the full spectrum of health challenges.

As a YogaNurse, I offer therapies that combine the ancient wisdom of yoga with the science of modern nursing to serve you in a holistic and practical way. YogaNursing is changing consciousness in healthcare by teaching simple, easy therapies everyone can do to build wellness and healing.


Light on Healing Yoga sessions with Terry de la Vega:

A caring approach

A listening approach

A human approach

A respectful approach

How can a YogaNurse serve you?

By helping you transform your:

  • Stress into Peace
  • Anxiety into Health
  • Pain into Wisdom
  • Suffering into Ease

We teach a simple, easy, and sacred remedy:

  • Sacred Breath
  • Sacred Movement
  • Sacred Rest

Where there is obstruction there is disease.  
Where there is flow, there is ease.  

Flowing water never goes bad.   Become as flowing water.